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Promotion of educational projects

Today, educational institutions pay special attention to their external and internal design. Each parent, choosing a kindergarten or school for his child, first of all looks at the environment that will surround him for a long time. And for teenagers who are impressionable and susceptible to external factors, the design of study rooms in schools and educational centers is of decisive importance. The same is applied to universities.

Outdoor advertising of educational projects

For the complex outdoor design of educational institutions, illuminated signs on the facade, large and figured light boxes, light boxes on a bracket, shop window pasting, pavement signs, banners, chalk boards, roof structures are used – everything that one way or another is able to attract attention and distinguish it from dozens of others.

Interior design of educational projects

An interior with a variety of interesting details is capable of creating an atmosphere of creativity, motivating to learn and charging for new ideas: many light boxes of various shapes, neon lighting, vertical gardening, non-standard lighting, creative furniture.

Exclusive solutions for educational projects

The attractiveness of any educational institution, especially when it is important for people to understand what they pay their money for, is determined not only by the level of education and service, but also by the original style of the interior, comfortable furniture, high-quality lighting and creative advertising solutions. In the case of carrying out work on the integrated design of schools, classrooms, lobbies, corridors, you get an educational institution that “talks” with your target audience.

  • Orion Academy

    The interior of the Orion Academy educational center is capable of creating an atmosphere of creativity, motivating to learn and energizing for new ideas.

  • RSIC

    We prepared a building on the territory of the Agency for Cinematography for the opening of a branch of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography.

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