Manufacturing effective promotional products

Promotion of companies in the financial sector

Making the “first contact” and constantly maintaining the image are the main marketing goals of financial sector projects. There are more and more banks in our country, so the competition is very high. It is necessary to qualitatively and stylishly arrange a banking institution. Otherwise, potential customers will become someone else's customers, and the business will slowly sink to the bottom.

Outdoor advertising of companies in the financial sector

.In the banks, like any other companies, you are greeted by clothes. Illuminated sign is designed to effectively attract a client to the bank. Lightboxes also do this very well. If the facade of the building looks unpresentable or you want to somehow highlight the business, we offer facade cladding and window coverings. It is important to take care of the signs and stickers “”Operating mode”” + “”Open / Closed””. A special place is occupied by branded booths for ATMs. When the ATM booth is made in the corporate style of the bank, it always looks presentable.

Interior design of companies and offices of the financial sector

Interior design of the bank usually goes in parallel with the work on the exterior. Signs, stands, light panels, navigation and complex branded structures are mounted indoors in accordance with the developed draft design and brand book, which specifies materials and manufacturing technologies

Exclusive solutions for companies and offices of the financial sector

Advertising design of financial organizations is a complex solution, in which the building itself works to attract the attention of potential customers, increase brand awareness, trust in it, and form a reliable image of the company.

  • Kapital Bank

    Recognizable yellow ATMs of Kapital Bank, made by our team, as a separate kind of urban art!

  • TrastBank

    Special solutions for special occasions.

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