Manufacturing effective promotional products

Promotion of consumer goods (FMCG)

Without any doubt, the direct impact on the increase in turnover and its sales lies in the number of retail outlets and the placement of products in the ""gold"" zones of the store. But work on such promising business tasks as accustoming consumers to buy your product among dozens of substitutes based on spontaneous momentary desires is embedded in the packaging itself and other POSM materials of your brand.

Advertising of goods in retail outlets

Taking into account the peculiarities of consumption patterns of individual goods, it becomes possible to determine the points of influence on the decision to purchase. On the other hand, low consumer engagement turns the purchase into a habitual routine, which is why a committed buyer may become interested in interchangeable products. In order to retain the consumer, it is recommended to maintain an attractive appearance of promotional materials by modernizing and updating them.

Outdoor advertising of consumer goods

The key goals of the overall advertising strategy for FMCG products are reach and the number of impressions per consumer, which increases brand awareness and the message that he wants to convey. Mass outdoor advertising in this industry is designed to intensively influence the buyer according to the principle of regular informational noise: the more you talk about yourself, the more often products under your brand are chosen on the shelves.

Exclusive projects

In order to increase the demand for consumer goods, it is common to develop exclusive projects that require special attention from both the manufacturer’s specialists and the performers. The approach itself requires an in-depth analysis, the result of which is the satisfaction of the key needs of consumers in the development of outdoor advertising, as well as marketing directly at the point of sale.

  • Kapital Bank

    Recognizable yellow ATMs of Kapital Bank, made by our team, as a separate kind of urban art!

  • Kapital Bank

    Узнаваемые желтые банкоматы Kapital Bank, выполненные нашей командой, как отдельный вид городского искусства!

  • Pampers

    Выделить товар среди аналогичных в магазинах помогает брендирование торгового оборудования.

  • Pampers

    Branding of commercial equipment helps to distinguish a product from similar ones in stores.

  • Pampers

    Брендирование торговой стойки для Pampers

  • Palmolive

    To support and popularize the brand, light boxes on a bracket

  • Palmolive

    Световые коробы на кронштейне для Palmolive

  • Музей авиации и космонавтики

    Просто космос! Звезды, ракеты, планеты, навигация и много света в комплексном оформлении Музея авиации и космонавтики в Джизакской области.

  • Samsung

    Visual accompaniment of a large communications company

  • Samsung

    Комплексное оформление атриума торгового центра в поддержку рекламной кампании по выходу нового мобильного телефона Samsung

Online advertising of FMCG products

Despite the large size of the target audience of any FMCG product, the ability to use a variety of creatives, control the budget and frequency of impressions for a limited size of the audience (for example, adherents of the competitor’s brand, or consumers of the same target segment) are key features and an undoubted advantage over traditional placements, giving a visible result in the shortest possible time, and according to the desired budget.

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