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Integrated creation of museums and turnkey expositions

The creation of museum spaces on a turnkey basis is our unique offer. Using the accumulated ten years of experience in this area and advanced technologies, we offer our customers the most advanced solutions. Corporate, departmental, historical or virtual: museum specialists and academicians always help us to maintain historical authenticity and corporate details when creating museums. The creation of the museum includes several stages.

1. Every museum starts with an idea. And after the idea comes the creation of the concept of the museum. Why the museum was created, what tasks it pursues, what should be in the museum and how it should work. It is the creation of the concept of the museum that is often the determining link on the basis of which the entire museum is built. When a request is received from a customer to create a museum, we always go to the site. It is extremely important to see live the premises intended for the exhibition, to look at the current state of the object, to communicate with the customer. Based on this information, we develop and propose a concept for creating a museum. After that, we write the concept of the museum, sometimes very briefly, in which we offer our vision of this museum. And in parallel, a drawing of the premises is created with an approximate arrangement of equipment and sections of the museum, the movement of visitors. In some cases, a thematic-exposition plan is created, which includes a detailed description of the exhibits and the text (descriptive) part of the exposition. Writing a concept is one of the most important stages, because it is important to maintain reliability. It is at this stage that we attract a team of experts, which includes Academicians of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, art historians, historians, museologists, etc.

2. Design project. After agreeing on the general concept and layout of the museum, we move on to design development. It is at this stage that it becomes completely clear what equipment and in what quantity will be used. The designer processes all graphic and textual information, draws all the design. Here the final layout is agreed upon and the final budget for the work being carried out becomes clear. For more than 10 years, our professional design team has been creating exclusive projects using the most modern technologies.

3. Production and installation. After agreeing on the design project, we begin work on the manufacture of stands and design elements. With a large fleet of state-of-the-art equipment and professional technicians, we offer our customers innovative interactive solutions. After manufacturing, our employees install the main elements of the exposition and connect the lighting.

4. Service and technical support. Even after the completion of the project, we are always in touch with our customers. Warranty service, technical support and consulting allow the client to be confident in the serviceability and functioning of the entire exposition for many years.

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Warranty Service

Every product we manufacture comes with warranty service, thanks to which you can be sure that your objects are in good condition and that they will be repaired immediately free of charge.