Manufacturing effective promotional products

Advertising of pharmacies, clinics and other medical institutions

A number of restrictions imposed on the advertising of medical services and drugs do not allow companies in this field to develop to the desired extent. And the available ad placements sometimes do not guarantee hitting the right target audience. In this regard, since ancient times, the most effective promotion channels are the points of sale or the provision of services themselves.

Exterior of medical institutions

The key parameter for achieving maximum traffic in a medical institution is the readability and attractiveness of advertising objects. This is due to the fact that the audience of the medical institution “solves problems as they arise”, and not in advance. It follows from this that those information carriers (information stand, pointer, banner) are obligatory, which will convey to the “hot” client the completeness of the institution’s activities, or its assortment.

Interior advertising of medical institutions

The value of customers determines their life cycle in your company, reflecting how many purchases and for how much they made during the entire interaction with your business. It is this metric that is extremely important for medical institutions, since in most cases, the amount of one purchase does not cover the cost of attracting a client. All this makes us work out every detail – a pharmacy window, a clinic reception, an information desk, furniture, and even wall decoration.

Complex design

An integrated approach in the design of medical institutions is a guarantee of compatibility, thoughtfulness and functionality of all outdoor and indoor advertising structures, a balance of interior and exterior details. If you want your pharmacy, clinic or dentistry to have peace of mind, and not cause negative “hospital” associations, a single recognizable and thoughtful style of advertising design is a must have.

Medical institutions we have designed

  • Dr. Sadikov

    The beauty of a high-class clinic is always in a uniform recognizable style, created

  • U clinic

    “Pseudo-logo” on the wall behind the reception desk, elegant signs with pockets

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