Manufacturing effective promotional products

Promotion of real estate

Currently, construction is one of the most profitable business sectors, but it is here that the most difficult advertising audience is concentrated. From the whole variety of people, it is necessary to choose those who want and can buy real estate. Each developer, even at the construction stage, should make sure that as many potential buyers as possible learn about the upcoming sale of apartments.

Outdoor advertising of real estate objects

Bright and informative advertising is a prerequisite for comprehensive preparation and high-quality design of the construction site and sales offices. Outdoor advertising is traditionally considered the most effective way to advertise real estate and construction. First of all, it is placed directly on construction sites. Tower crane branding works great. Stellas, billboards, roof structures are also able to attract the attention of potential buyers. Professional design of the office of the sales department is another important area of work.

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Interior advertising in sales offices and construction sites

A significant part of the design of real estate is occupied by navigation and decorative elements of public premises. House signs, access signs, apartment numbers, floor signs, signs for technical rooms, marking and navigation of the parking lot, elements of decorating the lobby and entrances – all this tells the potential buyer about the level of the developer and can push him to make a deal.

Exclusive design of real estate objects

Promotion of a residential complex does not tolerate mistakes, since the cycle of making a purchase decision with potential customers is quite long compared to other industries. And without a doubt, potential buyers conduct a comparative analysis of all residential complexes in your price segment. This means paying attention to all the details of the external and internal design.

  • Arteca Hotel

    If you find yourself in the Ateca hotel, then everything that your eyes fall on is most likely

  • Global Stroy

    A large-scale design project for the Global Stroy building trade complex included the creation

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