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    Leader in the field of outdoor advertising and integrated design

    In Uzbekistan, outdoor advertising is considered one of the most popular and sought-after channels of communication with the target audience; this is true for both B2C and B2B markets.

    Outdoor advertising includes advertising materials on any media located in the open air. Such advertising is distinguished not only by the low cost of one contact, but also by its wide coverage of the target audience.

    Outdoor advertising is one of the most dynamically developing industries. This became possible due to great competition in the market and high customer requirements. And leading positions are achieved by those companies that use new technologies and materials.

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      Company's mission

      Ziynat Design's mission may be to promote brands and products in front of the largest possible audience. The goal of an outdoor advertising company is to grab people's attention, attract them to the brand and motivate them to buy products. Our company helps brands achieve maximum impact on potential consumers through effective outdoor advertising.

      Over more than 15 years of experience, we have created the best service, focusing on quality and affordable cost.

      6 advantages why you should cooperate with us


      Quality of service
      Ziynat has many advantages that can attract potential customers and improve the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


      Wide audience coverage
      Outdoor advertising is visible to many people who may pass by a billboard, notice board or banner. This makes it ideal for reaching large audiences.


      Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective means of advertising as it attracts the attention of people who can become potential customers.


      High reputation
      The company has a high reputation in the market, which attracts more clients and partners.


      Innovative and constantly developing, which allows us to be in a leading position in the market.


      Extensive experience and knowledge of our industry, which allows us to provide better services and products.

      We produce advertising structures according to individual orders we take all the risks, no headaches for you

      Comfortable payment terms

      To reduce the financial burden for you, we offer different options: 50/50, 70/30. You can pay for your order via bank account.

      Fixed cost

      Has it ever happened to you that we agreed on one price, But in fact they paid more? This will not happen with us: according to the contract, the cost will not increase during the production process.

      Savings: no intermediaries

      Pay 20-40% less for the product than in salons, who buy from us or from other manufacturers They add their own markup for rent and advertising.

      Detailed estimate

      We will calculate an estimate for your needs today.

      15 years

      On the market

      5000+ years

      projects implemented

      200 human

      in our state

      6 benefits

      why you should cooperate with us

      We produce advertising structures according to individual orders we take all risks, no headache for you


      In a world where the right marketing decisions become a powerful promotion tool, the visual component is an integral element of success.

      Retail store equipment

      In the struggle for consumer attention, retail equipment plays a leading role. Correctly selected options for such equipment help to present your product at points of sale as effectively as possible.

      City advertising

      Street advertising is one of the most effective advertising tools. Street advertising structures (city formats, branded pavilions, pylons, and much more.

      Mobile stands

      The optimal solution when exhibition advertising equipment is needed in the shortest possible time and taking into account minimal financial investments.

      Exhibition stand

      It is a branded space that presents the company at major events, shows, and meetings.

      Complex design

      One of the most profitable and effective ways to promote a brand. Such work includes many sub-items with one goal - to maintain stylistic unity in the external and internal design of the building


      With skillful use of POSM (POS materials), you can easily and successfully market a product or service even with a small budget.

      Visual navigation

      The navigation system is a complex of signs, indexes, plates, pylons, light and non-light boxes, stickers and other advertising tools


      Business furniture is widely used for furnishing offices, showrooms, trading floors, banks, etc. In combination with complex design, the furniture emphasizes a single style and fits organically into the interior.

      Large format printing

      This technology is widely popular in the production of various types of advertising – both outdoor and interior.

      Outdoor advertising by purpose, exclusive orders according to your requirements

      Outdoor advertising for financial sector companies

      A bank, like any other company, is greeted by its clothes. The illuminated sign is designed to effectively attract the client to the bank. Lightboxes also do an excellent job of this task. If the facade of a building looks unpresentable or you want to somehow highlight your business, we offer façade cladding and window coverings. It is important to take care of the “Operating mode” + “Open/Closed” signs and stickers. Branded ATM booths occupy a special place. When an ATM booth is made in the bank's corporate style, it always looks presentable.

      Outdoor advertising for media and communications companies

      Image advertising of communication and media companies, as well as information advertising in support of their products and services, placed on special temporary or permanent structures, is extremely important for their promotion. Advertising stands in open areas, as well as on the external surfaces of buildings, structures, on elements of street equipment, above the roadways of streets and roads help brands tell about themselves and their new products.

      Interior design of educational projects

      An interior with a variety of interesting details can create an atmosphere of creativity, motivate learning and inspire new ideas: many light boxes of different shapes, neon lighting, vertical gardening, non-standard lighting, creative furniture.

      Exclusive design for media and communications companies

      Complex design of any media company is the most effective way to create an individual image of any object, promote it and the ability to broadcast any message, mission, idea. The main condition for integrated design here is compliance with a single concept and style outside and inside the object, as well as the architecture of the building and street.

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