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    Company's news

    We are proud to present the results of our work for the company @kaloni_uz, where we turned the store into a delightful and stylish space.

    We would like to share with you our work for the coffee shop @leaf_uz Pay attention to the three-dimensional letters that we designed and installed for the coffee shop. They became a real accent of the interior and added elegance. Thanks to the use of quality materials and masterful execution, the letters not only attract attention, but also highlight the brand. However, our participation in the project was not limited to three-dimensional letters. We also designed and installed signage to help visitors find their way easily.

    We, the Ziynat Design team, are proud to present you our new project for the design of the Holdis store, which is designed not only to surprise guests, but also to create a cozy atmosphere Our goal was to make the store not just a place to shop, but a source of inspiration and pleasure. To add character to the store, we used special details: Facade signs, interior light boxes and metal shelving. These accents give the store a unique and memorable look. One of the main goals of the project is to create a cozy space where visitors can comfortably spend time choosing products. The Holdis store design project from Ziynat Design is a harmonious combination of style, functionality and emotional appeal. We are proud that we were able to translate the brand's vision into reality and create a place where every visitor can feel part of something special. We invite you to visit the Holdis store and evaluate our work with your own eyes. We promise that you will not remain indifferent to what we have created with love and creativity.

    Ready-made project by Ziynat Design for WOK in the Compass shopping center! 🏙 Immerse yourself in pan-Asian splendor, enjoy delicious dishes and immerse yourself in the atmosphere created by the Ziynat Design team!

    We would like to share our recent work for @Cvetochnaya_lavka_uz💐 Our team designed and installed eye-catching light boxes that were sophisticated and added character to the store. We are waiting for you at the Flower Shop to appreciate our work in action!

    I would like to share our recent project for the company @bumbacel_uz. We have gone to great lengths to ensure outstanding quality and attention to detail in every letter, creating an impactful and memorable piece. These volumetric letters not only attract the eye, but also emphasize the brand identity and style of the company. With our Ziynat Design team, your advertising will always be in good hands. No matter what ideas you have - dimensional letters, illuminated signs, billboards or something unique - we are always ready to turn your vision into reality.

    We create dimensional letters that bring your brand to life! "Ziynat Design" is your reliable partner in creating spectacular three-dimensional letters. We give your ideas volume and style to make your brand stand out.

    We present to you our finished project in the “Samarkand Darvoza” shopping center for SAMSUNG.

    Shop in shop (translated as “shop within a store”) is a large dedicated retail space in the general area of the store. Shop in shop is a kind of closed stand for products of one brand, decorated in the same style of retail equipment. This “Shop in shop” was designed and created specifically for our valued customers @gammadoro.uzb to provide a unique and stylish place to choose products from this brand. If you are also looking for unique and creative solutions for your business or other design services, do not hesitate to contact Ziynat Design.

    We want to share small moments from our work for @saad_doner. Dimensional letters, signs and posters - every detail was created with love and attention to design. The Saad sign is more than just an information element. It has become a symbol of this place, reflecting its character and style. We thank the @saad_doner team for the opportunity to bring design ideas to life. It was a fun project and we are proud of the outcome. Thank you for choosing us to create a unique look for your establishment!

    The modular tobacco dispenser is an innovative product created taking into account modern requirements for design and functionality. Its unique design, developed with special attention to detail, gives it a sophisticated look and allows it to easily fit into any interior design. This dispenser offers a convenient and flexible solution for storing and dispensing tobacco. Thanks to its modular design, it can be customized to suit your needs by choosing the number of compartments and their sizes. This allows you to organize effective storage of various types of tobacco and accessories. "Ziynat Design" is a reliable partner in the success of your business!

    We recently completed a project to produce volumetric illuminated letters for the company @partcap.uz😌 Volumetric illuminated letters for Part Cap not only serve functional purposes, but have also become a bright part of the company’s branding. They create an attractive and memorable visual experience for customers and passersby. We also provide quick installation so your business can start using these amazing illuminated letters right away. ✨ We are excited to have the opportunity to contribute to our clients' success and create unique elements that highlight their brand.

    Lightboxes from Ziynat Design are the ideal solution for creating atmospheric lighting in any interior. They are available in different sizes and designs, allowing you to choose the right one to suit your style and needs. Crafted with care and skill, lightboxes are more than just sources of light, they add coziness and uniqueness to your home or office. "Ziynat Design" is a reliable partner in the success of your business!

    We present to you our recent project for the company @nurumrahajj. We have made every effort to ensure high quality and detail in every letter. Using modern technologies and the experience of our professionals, we have created reliable and effective promotional materials that will help @nurumrahajj attract the attention of customers and decorate their space. We thank the company @nurumrahajj for your trust and cooperation. We hope that our three-dimensional letters will become an integral part of a successful story.