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Promotion of retail outlets (Retail)

For a modern consumer, a store is not just a place to make a purchase, it is a new experience, impressions and emotions in the process of interacting with goods. The corporate identity of the store, the original design concept and the unique positioning of the trading company allow you to create the right buying mood and a special atmosphere so that the client wants to come back.

Store exterior

The exterior design of the store with original accents is able to attract the maximum number of potential consumers passing by. Volumetric illuminated letters, information steles, city formats, brandmauers and other advertising elements help to interest and provoke people to enter the point of sale.

Store interior

The design of the entrance group, bright informational light boxes, original wall and ceiling decor are an important component of the outlet’s image, which determines its competitiveness. And the graphic design of commercial equipment performs an important advertising and information function for the store, arousing interest and attracting the attention of consumers, thereby stimulating sales growth.

Integrated design of retail stores

In addition to the quality of the presented goods, the design of the place of sale is of great importance for attracting the attention of a potential client. And it is the complex advertising design of the outlet that allows you to immediately create a single unique and recognizable style of a store or shopping center. An integrated approach to the design of a point of sale is always a 100% guarantee that all outdoor and indoor advertising structures will perfectly match each other. And the competent use of the location of outdoor advertising, the size and color palette of the image will have a complex effect on the buyer, causing interest and positive emotions.

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